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14.03.24 Our very own Shirly Orr's PhD thesis has been formally approved! Congratulations, Dr. Orr!

07.02.24 Congratulations! A new paper (Trainin & Shetreet, 2024) got accepted for publication at the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition.

30.07.23 Congratulations to Tal Greenberg, a BSc student, who won the best poster award at the Sagol School of Neuroscience BSc graduation event on her work with Inbal Kuperwasser and Prof. Einat Shetreet!

03.07.23 A new paper (Trainin & Shetreet, 2023) got accepted for publication at the Language and Cognition journal.

04.06.23 Our lab is going to present 4 posters and one talk at the XPRAGX 2023 conference in Paris, congratulations and good luck to all presenters!

06.04.23 A new paper (Trainin & Shetreet, 2023) got accepted for publication at the Language, Cognition and Neuroscience journal.

20.4.23 Our very own Inbal Kuperwasser just got accepted to the prestigious PhD program of the Sagol School of Neuroscience! Congratulations Inbal!

the Language in Social Context (LISC) Lab


Language communication is a complex cooperative process between interlocutors. In this process, speakers and listeners have to integrates cues from different sources, in addition to the literal meaning of utterances, to arrive at the intended meaning. These cues include world knowledge, the context of the utterances, conventions of social communication, as well as speaker/listener knowledgeability and social identity. In our lab, we aim to understand which social and contextual factors affect the interpretation and production of language, and specifically, of non-literal pragmatic interpretation. We use various experimental tools to test this in neurotypical populations across their entire lifespan (children, young adults and older adults), as well as in atypical populations (such as ASD).